Web Design Financing Point Chevalier

Web Design Financing Point Chevalier

Web Design Financing Point Chevalier

Watch Niki Harré talk about her book “Psychology for a Better World”.

The book can be downloaded for free from:

Hard copies can be ordered from the website or from Amazon or Lulu.

Kindle version also available.

Film Credits

Produced by Charlotte Blythe
Animated by Graeme E. Bibby
Illustrated by Lucy Yu –


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  1. Such a sad reality, it is the mothers who make a culture and create
    wealth. They had to be put down and demoralized before slavery could
    work or they would have stopped making free laborers, They care about things that make use happy and healthy, That is how they divided us as individuals as well. When women are sociopaths they perceived as strong today, the same as when men exhibit feminine traits hey are perceived as weak. We have been divided an conjured to parts
    for profit.This is the mindless drones of this sick twisted society who are
    convinced they are heroes going into battle in gladiator costumes.
    Mothers speak to your sons please. <3

  2. This is why I avoid negative/unethical media, conversations etc. I like to surround myself by positive and creative influences and acting as such becomes an instinct that is difficult to override, even in tough situations.

  3. Hi Niki
    Is there a downloadable version of this video? I would like to start some discussions in our community (Great Barrier Island) by showing your talk at one or two public gatherings that I co-facilitate and passing around a copy of your book at the same time.

  4. Kia ora Niki I just met you at the Permaculture hui in Taranaki and like I told you "I feel like the kuaka just waiting for the wind to help lift me up" Thanks so much for your korero and signed book. Really enjoyed the video too and have read the book and will recommend that Te Wananga o Awanuiarangi and Whakatane libraries have it on their shelves too….and any other place and friends too. Thanks again. Poihaere (change agent)

  5. Got the live show at NZ Association of Psy Teachers' conference at Avondale — what an incredibly inspirational message — a tremendous tale of joy. Heartfelt thanks, Niki!

  6. I am delighted to hear that it is finding its way across the USA – thanks for your positive comments Dawn. Great to know that you've passed it on to the state level. I am doing a lot of work with Auckland City on how to encourage people to get on board with their low carbon city initiative. The ideas in the video seem to really resonnate with them – so many people want something that is personally engaging, as well as promoting change.

  7. Thank you for this. It's inspirational to know that this is happening halfway across the world from us (US!). My job is to educate and inform people in my watershed about water resources, & I find your video useful in its creativity, scientific standing, and message. I have passed it on to a colleague who works at the state level ( in Minnesota). Now, onto your book! Best, Dawn

  8. Well done Niki. I've passed this onto Rob Hopkins and the tutors and students at the Centre for Sustainable Practice in Wanaka. It's a must view for anyone wanting to support positive change, thank you!

  9. Thanks for this comment, but I don't mention AUT. I think all our tertiary institutions could play a bigger role – which is not to underestimate the motivated people plugging away at the issues.

  10. Excellent and practical guidance on a number of ways anybody and everybody make a difference to the problems our world is facing. Ironic that Niki should mention AUT as an organisation that makes a difference….when it seems to be one of the greatest contributors to economic disparity with its exorbitant student fees and overpaid staff, not to mention the frequent and extravagant national and international air travel their International Centre promulgates!

  11. Niki, I just viewed the video and was delighted to hear you speak of the importance of positive storytelling. It made me feel so vindicated. You even mention a dolphin! I will share this link on my own networks.

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